Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Revisited: Rockaway Taco

On part two of our Labor Day food tour (part one was SriPraPhai), we went to Rockaway Taco. Thank god for some traffic/an hour long drive from SriPraPhai that gave us some time to digest.

I was really excited about Rockaway Taco because last time I visited was 3 years ago, and I loved the fish tacos. I was happy to find that they were even better and bigger than I remembered.

Note that there are benches but no tables for seating, so be prepared to only use one hand to eat your taco or to be very careful about dropping bits of food onto your legs/clothes.

Taco prepping behind the cashier

Surprising to see that prices barely changed since the last time I was here--  only $0.50 more for tacos 

Pineapple mint juice, $4
The perfect summer drink (and no sugar added!)

Fish taco, $3.50, guacamole $1
Fish tacos are sold individually, and these were much bigger than I remembered. One would've been plenty (especially after a Thai lunch), but they were just so good that I didn't mind stuffing myself. The radishes, fresh guacamole, and abundance of cabbage never overpowered the plump piece of tilapia. Crispy, moist, and so many good flavors. Looking back on this, I'm very glad I went with two.

95-19 Rockaway Beach Blvd
Rockaway Beach, NY 11693
(347) 213-7466
*Cash only, but there is an ATM available right at the shop

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