Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Omakase at Kura in the East Village

Although Kura has recently increased the price offerings for the three choices of omakase, the value is still very much there. We opted for 19 courses for $130 per person, and I was so incredibly full at the end that I decided next time I'm ordering a smaller omakase!

Kura is very small, with a 12-seat omakase bar and one separate table for four. Go as a pair to sit at the bar; it's always a nice experience to watch the chef slice each fish and place the sushi on a plate in front of you. There are two chefs here, or perhaps one chef and one apprentice? Either way, it was a lot of fun to watch them work, and every piece was delicious.

Kura accepts reservations, and we were lucky to get one just one week in advance (with one option of a 6pm seating). Omakase offerings are $85 for 13 pieces, $105 for 16 pieces, and $130 for 19 pieces.

There's no sign at the entrance, so I wasn't even sure we were at the right place

Simple and clean

Chef Norihiro Ishizuka. Funny guy

Sushi chef number 2, who prepared most of our sushi that night

Marinated tuna with Japanese yam
A nice and mild start to the meal. This white yam is nothing like the yam I've ever tasted-- it isn't sweet, and has a yogurt-like texture

Stuffed squid with rice

Toro, medium fatty tuna

I loved how delicate and transparent this fish looked 

One of my favorites of the meal, beautifully flavored and served atop rice and seaweed

Mild and fine. Ready for the next piece

Flame salmon
Omg this flame salmon... So fresh and flavorful, with some parts raw, and some cooked. Amazing 

Cherry blossom shrimp
I've never had a sushi with these mini shrimps, and it's so cute! They were very cold (in a good way) and slightly crispy

Giant clam
Slightly sweet and hard

Miso soup with clams
A very strong clam flavor in this soup, which I absolutely loved. I would return just for this soup.

Another favorite! So tasty with an excellent charred flavor

Orange crab

So good

Sea eel flakes
(here is an action shot of the torching)
A tad sweet, and instantly melts in the mouth

Pacific saury
A strong tasting fish

Hard clam
Too chewy for my liking

Waited all night for this one, and was very satisfied with it

Charred swordfish
Surprisingly soft texture


Japan squid

Fatty tuna
Hands down my favorite of the meal. So fatty, soft, and wonderful

Tuna hand roll

Cold, sweet, and a perfect last piece (well actually the bf then ordered an extra uni and fatty tuna)

Honey pistachio ice cream
Delicious! The bf ordered this and of course I enjoyed it more than my choice below (that always happens)

Mochi with sweet soy glaze
Very dense and sticky mochi balls

130 St Marks Place
New York, NY 10009
(212) 228-1010
*No website, closed Sunday 

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