Monday, October 6, 2014

Seafood at Pub 199

After our fun afternoon of apple picking, we decided to make a detour and head over to Pub 199 for a seafood dinner before heading back to the city. As a result, when trying to get back to Manhattan afterwards, we were stuck in the worst evening traffic on the Jersey turnpike. All worth it though...

Pub 199 is an inexpensive seafood/steakhouse/sports bar filled with wild game heads and fish on the walls. The whole vibe feels a little weird, but once you see how cheap and fresh the seafood is, it really doesn't matter where you are.

There's a one drink minimum per person, but that can be sodas, beer, etc. I got a $3 root beer. Yum.

Service isn't great, and it's very hard to flag someone down, but that's easy to get over when you're paying prices as low as these.

The first dining room upon entering.

The large main dining room. There's also a sports bar great for watching games on any of the 10+ televisions.

View from where we sat at the back of the dining room.

Lobster with baked potato (or french fries), $15
Yes, $15. So incredibly fresh and meaty, and I may or may not have asked for a second helping of melted butter. Nothing pairs as well with steamed lobster than butter!

Lobster with baked potato/fries and clams, $22.95
I never really order clams, but found myself packing away almost half of these that my bf ordered. What can I say, he's always better at ordering. Delicious.

Not pictured here, but one of my friends got NY strip steak for $13, and another friend ordered a steak sandwich for $4.75. These prices! Just so low... 

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