Monday, November 3, 2014

Brunch at Rosemary's

Every single time I've walked by Rosemary's (usually weekend evenings), I've thought "I need to try this place sometime". The restaurant is beautiful and romantic, and prices are great-- this is a place where you can have a date for two with delicious pastas, appetizers, and drinks (no hard liquor here though), for $100 or less. That's hard to find in NYC. The only con is that Rosemary's does not accept reservations. If you're here for dinner, there's a wonderful bar, Whitehall just down the street, where service is good and specialty cocktails are hard to choose between. If you're trying to kill time while waiting for brunch at Rosemary's though, well, we went to Mighty Quinn's a few blocks away for some pre-brunch barbecue...

Rosemary's has a farm on the rooftop where they source some of their produce. I forgot to ask to go upstairs and see it. Next time!

The bright dining room with patches of sunlight flooding in.

Warm and cozy, with pretty white lights strung across the ceilings.

Five appetizers for $25: chickpeas with smoked onion, tomato; eggplant caponata; radishes, butter, salt, thyme; beets, dandelion, hazelnuts; cabbages, pecorino, chilis, almonds

Foccacia taleggio tartufi, $12
Warm, soft bread with black truffle and taleggio cheese? Dream come true. 

Rosemary's lemon fizz, lemonade, simple syrup, prosecco, $12
A delicious and light brunch cocktail 

Orecchiette with broccoli rabe, homemade sausage, chili, $15
One of the best pastas I've had in NYC. The al dente pasta, the kick from the chili, and the flavorful meat. A terrific dish that has me reminiscing all good pastas I've had (especially the ones from Rolf and Daughters in Nashville).

Stringhe di funghi, $15
Oyster mushroom, proscuitto, poached eggs
 As much as I love the orecchiette at Rosemary's, I'm such a big brunch person that it's hard for me to not order an egg dish. This was pretty disappointing though, and a few bites in, I was regretting not getting pasta! The oyster mushrooms were bland, the proscuitto was too fatty and greasy, and the potatoes were boring. Some rosemary or salt on would've added a nice touch!

Special of the day, Ravioli, $18

Lemon ricotta bombolini, $9; Affogato, $6
When we came for dinner a few weeks ago, we ordered two desserts (tiramisu and olive oil cake), and our server actually told us that because we didn't order his favorite dessert-- this bombolini, he would be giving it to us so we could try. So glad that happened. These small doughnuts are so fluffy, and the whipped hazelnut ricotta dip is positively addicting. They were served hot that night too, which made it even more amazing. At brunch it was just warm, but still very good! The affogato was very delicious too.

18 Greenwich Avenue (between Charles Street and 10th Street)
New York, NY 10011
(212) 647-1818
*No reservations

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