Monday, November 10, 2014

Pizza at Marta

Marta is Danny Meyer (the genius Shake Shack creator) and Nick Anderer's (previously Maialino's chef) recently opened Roman-style pizzerie that features "crackly-crusted pizzas". The thin, crispy, but not overly burnt crust, really allows you to focus on the pizza toppings, and the pies we ordered were generally pretty good. The beautiful space helps make the experience even better. High ceilings, marble counters, and lovely wooden tables. Nice.

Upon entering the hotel, the restaurant is on the left, and the lobby/check-in counter is straight ahead. 

Pizza making with two wood-fired pizza ovens

Interesting light fixtures in the spacious dining room

I didn't take a picture of it, but the bloody mary ($10) is pretty darn good-- spicy with a perfect texture to it.

Bruschetta Stracciata: torn pizza bread, ricotta, pistachio, honey, $9
Anytime I see ricotta on a menu, it's a must order. This one's decent, but Locanda Verde and Five Leaves have better versions.

Funghi Pizza: fontina, hen of the woods, red onion, thyme, $18
Although I always love a mushroom pizza, this one felt like it was missing something. 

Cappriciosa Pizza: mozzarella, artichokes, prosciutto, olives, egg, $17 
It's nearly impossible to go wrong with prosciutto on a pizza. Add an egg on top of that? Done.

Patate Alla Carbonara: potatoes, guanciale (Italian cured meat), black pepper, pecorino, egg, $17
After taking one bite, my friend described it as the pizza version of cacio e pepe pasta. That got me excited. This is good. Especially loved the potato and pork bits.

Tiramisu, $5
Nothing noteworthy here.

Ice Cream Panino: salted chocolate biscotto, pistachios, mascarpone gelato, $7
This dessert was a little too interesting; innovative and unique, but gone wrong. It made me crave a chocolate chip cookie sandwich with vanilla bean ice cream, or something else really classic. The mascarpone/cheesy flavor didn't work with the salty and extremely crunchy cookie/biscotto. Ice cream sandwiches require chewy or softer cookies! Whether people are planning to eat with a fork or pick up to bite into, a crunchy cookie never makes things easy. We ended up with pistachio bits and cookie crumbs all over the table. 

Overall, everything was decent, but nothing blew me away. I probably wouldn't visit again. 

29 East 29th Street
New York, NY 10016
(212) 651-3800

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