Friday, March 13, 2015

Pho Vietnam in Nob Hill

A hot bowl of soup noodles is always great for a hangover cure, or when you're just in the mood for something comforting. Pho is basically my version of chicken noodle soup. I'm not sure why good pho was so hard to find in New York, but since moving to San Francisco, I've found that there is very delicious pho in this city-- specifically at Pho Vietnam in Nob Hill.

Although the husband-wife team that runs Pho Vietnam rarely ever smiles or comes to check on you, the excellent food makes up for it!

The restaurant was half empty when we arrived at noon on a Sunday, but it quickly filled up by 1:30pm. Many of the customers looked like they'd just rolled out of bed, or had a little too much fun the night before. (I'll admit we were in that category).

Pho Tai, Gan: rare steak and tendon, $8.75
The broth here is rich without being oily, and the meat is thin and tender. It's awful when pho restaurants serve chewy meat. The noodles also have a great al dente texture. Pho here doesn't even need hot sauce. It's great just the way it is.

Thai iced tea, $3.50

Imperial rolls: deep fried ground chicken, mushrooms, vermicelli, wrapped in rice paper, $7.95
I used to always order non-fried spring rolls at Vietnamese restaurants because I love the fresh taste of the shrimp, lettuce, and other vegetables inside, but after my sister recommended the imperial rolls here, I am kind of addicted to them now. They are perfectly crispy, and the skin isn't too thick, making it easy to enjoy all the flavors from the insides. Even more delicious when wrapped with lettuce and topped with the sweet sauce!

1406 Polk Street
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 921-1901

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