Friday, May 1, 2015

One Day in Rome

Rome! Another wonderful Italian city that is so full of energy and beauty. Due to some unfortunate planning, we ended up only spending one day and night in Rome. It was much too short and hurried, but we will be back one day!

The Pantheon

Ponte Sant'Angelo


Casa & Bottega

Casa & Bottega


Outdoor seating at Dilla

Knowing that we wouldn't have much time in Rome, we didn't want to splurge on a fancy hotel. Instead, we used airbnb and booked rooms in an apartment right by the Pantheon.


Casa & Bottega
Via del Coronari, 183, 00186 Roma, Italy
We stumbled upon this cafe in the early morning on the way to Pont Sant'Angelo, and I must've taken at least 20 pictures inside. I loved all the little details in the design. There were shelves with some books, drawings hung up, and the comfiest looking banquette seating. Oh and the cappuccino and croissants were amazing too!

Via Mario de Fiori, 41, 00187 Roma, Italy
Since this was our last stop in Italy, it was really important to me that our last meal include pasta. Really good pasta. We ended up going to Dilla, where we had to wait about half an hour for a table. I loved the cozy ambience of the restaurant, so I was fine with the wait. We were told to sit at the bar, which unlike in the US, isn't where you order a drink to wait for a table, but rather just sit and hang out. The friendly server gave us a complimentary meat and cheese plate and wine while we sat there. I really appreciated that! It felt like we were in a friend's home instead of a restaurant. Oh and the pasta-- get the black truffle cream and parmesan pasta!


As with every other site, go early! We got some good pictures before everyone else arrived.

Ponte Sant'Angelo
Travertine marble bridge that leads up to the Castel Sant'Angelo. Beautiful statues line the bridge.

The Vatican
The lines to get into the Vatican were already incredibly long when we arrived before 9am. First place we'll visit on our next trip to Rome!

The Colosseum
We arrived a little after it opened, and only had to wait 20 minutes to buy tickets and enter. I highly recommend paying extra for the audio guide, as there aren't a lot of descriptions and signs once inside.

Trevi Fountain
Unfortunately the fountain is under major renovation, and is currently closed. Another reason we'll have to return one day.

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