My name is Lauren Shia and I was born in San Francisco, but I have also lived in Hong Kong, Monterey, Los Angeles, Taiwan, and New York City before moving to San Francisco in early 2015. I am so excited to be in a new environment, and to explore the food scene here. I've loved food ever since I was little - most of my family's stories about me revolve around me wanting to eat, or smacking my lips as I ate something I liked. I wake up thinking, and sometimes talking, about what I want to eat that day, and at night I'm always excited to wake up the next day so I can have breakfast. It's an obsession!

My sister helped me start this blog in 2009 (she even came up with the name!), and it's become an online journal for me to keep track of everything I eat!

If you would like to contact me, please email me at laurenlovestoeatblog at gmail dot com or follow me on Twitter @laurenshia


  1. My name is Lauren and I also love to eat :) Small world! Everything looks so tasty.

  2. Nice to meet you fellow urbanspooner!

  3. just passing by ! great stuff . ~$}{$~


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