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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hudson Eats at Brookfield Place

Earlier this month, Hudson Eats, a new and beautiful food hall opened down in Financial District. After checking out the place for a Saturday lunch this past weekend, we went back the next day for Sunday lunch as well. This food hall makes me incredibly happy, and not only because it's a 12 minute walk from my apartment.

High ceilings, huge windows, and plenty of seating. Great for families, groups, and also solitary diners.

Jersey City/Hudson water views from our table.

Black Seed Bagels, where the hugely popular wood-fired bagels are sold.

Num Pang sandwich shop. I need to download their rewards app because this will undoubtedly become a frequent dining stop for me.

Their signature Pulled Duroc Pork with spiced honey sandwich. 
A sort of gourmet version of a banh mi sandwich. Smaller and more expensive, but also good enough to justify the $8.50 price tag. The soft and fatty pork belly, the slices of apple, the abundance of shredded carrots, and so much good sauce. Yum.

Mighty Quinn's, aka the best barbecue in NYC. 

The melt-in-your-mouth brisket and pulled pork.

Tartinery had a big display of pastries and appealing breakfast options. Definitely planning to try this out sometime.

Here is the full list of the eateries (not all are opened yet).

If only Los Tacos No. 1 opened a branch at Hudson Eats, then I really would have no reason to ever leave the financial district on weekends.

Brookfield Place, 2nd Floor
225 Liberty Street
New York, NY 10281
(212) 417-7000

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Great GoogaMooga in Brooklyn

GoogaMooga! This was such a fun food & drink festival at Prospect Park in Brooklyn. After being given wrong directions by 4 different GoogaMooga employees (2 of who were carrying big "Ask Me" signs), we ended up taking a long unnecessary detour to get to the entrance of the festival. The upside is that we got quite a workout and enjoyed a beautiful view of this lake:

We were so hot from our walk hike that we started off with dessert from Wooly's Ice:
Mango Tango: original ice with mangos, strawberries, strawberry syrup, wooly (small) size, $5. So refreshing! Shaved ice is such a popular dessert in Hong Kong and Taiwan, but I really haven't seen this around NYC, so it was pretty exciting. 

Next stop was Colicchio & Sons

1 Pork Belly for $4 or 2 for $7. Not amazing, but pretty good. I think I still prefer pork buns. Specifically the ones from Ippudo

On to Arancini Bros for Sicilian rice balls. 

2 for $7. On left: Ragu: traditional meat sauce with tomato, peas, mozzarella, saffron. On right: Bianco Rossa Verde: basil pesto, mozzarella, cherry tomato. The skin was crispy, and the rice was al dente. I thought the pesto one was more flavorful, but the ragu was quite decent too.  

Now for the FAVORITE of the day: 

Fried Chicken Wings: $10 for 6 chicken wings & cucumber salad. OMG there is a reason Blue Ribbon's fried chicken has made it on to so many "Best Fried Chicken" lists including NYMag, Food and Wine, Metromix, and more. This is life-changing fried chicken-- crispy with the most amazing seasoning, and very moist inside.  

When I went to Dinosaur Bar-B-Que last year, I loved the chicken wings and ribs, so when I saw that the restaurant had a booth at GoogaMooga, I made sure to check out whatever they were offering. 

Pulled Pork Sandwich, $7. The meat was incredibly tender, but wasn't that flavorful on its own. The sauce definitely helped though. The bun was your average hamburger bun, nothing to write home about. 

Looking back on all these photos, I can't believe how much we ate. 

Finally though, dessert! I had my eye on these ice cream sandwiches when we first arrived at the festival (it was a few steps away from Wooly's Ice stand). 

Classic ice cream sandwich with chocolate chip walnut cookies and vanilla ice cream, $4. Great ratio of cookie to ice cream. I liked that the cookies weren't too thick (better for enjoying the ice cream!) The cookies were chewy and had just enough chocolate chips. 

We stayed for around 3 hours and definitely had a great time. I'm already planning my trips to Melt Bakery (now open in the LES) for the red velvet ice cream sandwich, and Blue Ribbon for more fried chicken! 

Also, we were lucky to avoid a lot of the problems that people complained about at GoogaMooga, mainly the extremely long lines for getting wristbands, the longer lines for getting alcohol, and the fact that booths started running out of food in the late afternoon, but understandably a lot of people were upset by the way these things were handled. Check out Eater's 25 best tweets of GoogaMooga, it's pretty hilarious.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Austin, TX: The Salt Lick BBQ

My sister Jessica recently spent a weekend in Texas, so I asked her to take tons of food photos so she could come back and make me jealous. She did a very good job, and she kindly agreed to share them with a guest blog post below!


Texas is famous for BBQ, so first stop off the plane? Salt Lick BBQ!

Salt Lick BBQ is about half an hour outside of Austin, which apparently is considered far! It's on big ranch-type land, lots of open space and wooden buildings. Right next door is Salt Lick Cellars, which is handy since it's BYOB and if you don't have any alcohol, you can go right next door and get some!

The BF and I got 6 bottles of Shiner Light Blonde, a local Texan brew.

Although there is All You Can Eat BBQ for $19.95, I knew there is no way I could eat enough to really make it worthwhile, and the BF decided he wanted Beef Ribs, which are not a part of the All You Can Eat deal, so we both ordered off the menu.

I got the 3-Meat Combo Plate with Pork Rib, Sausage, and Brisket ($12.95):

The most surprising thing for me was that there was sesame seeds in the potato salad and in the coleslaw! I love sesame seeds! So yummy.

Out of the meats, my favorite was the sausage, which I didn't expect. There was some kind of spice and seasoning that was unique to the Salt Lick sausage, and it was really good!

Beef Ribs ($16.95) were the BF's absolute fave:

He also ordered a side of 1/2 chicken ($6.95), which was also really delicious! Not too dry, and juicy!

Right by the entrance, there is a huge BBQ pit!

(They have a stand thing at the airport too, but it isn't as good. We tried both!)

18300 FM 1826
Driftwood, TX 78619
Phone number: (512)858-4959

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The Salt Lick Bar-B-Que on Urbanspoon


Thanks, Jessica! Next time please bring me along though! (That's what little sisters are for).

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Atlanta: Barbeque at Fat Matt's Rib Shack

My cousin brought us to Fat Matt's for one last amazing meal to wrap up our trip. It was raining hard when we got there and there was still a line that snaked out the door. People were actually holding umbrellas while standing out in the rain. That's how good this barbeque is.

Inside the small restaurant.

The hand-written menu.

Ordering window with the kitchen behind it.

Half Slab of Ribs, $10.95. So incredibly tasty and the meat fell right off the bone.

Chopped Pork Sandwich with Chips, $4.10. Sides: Mac 'n Cheese, $2, Potato Salad, $1.30. Everything was so delicious. The pork was slightly spicy, prepared with a lot of sauce, and sandwiched between a very soft bun.

1811 Piedmont Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30324
Phone number: (404)607-1622

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Fat Matt's Rib Shack on Urbanspoon

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

All-American Weekend in Phoenicia, NY

I finally got the all-American barbeque I'd been wanting since before July 4th, and it was truly wonderful. My boss and his wife kindly invited us to their weekend house upstate, and we had a great time cooling off in the creek, eating hamburgers and many other things, as well as taking turns on the zip line (where I got stuck twice).

The food was amazing.

Chicken skewers.

Mango salsa with avocado chunks.

Crudites with hummus.

I really wouldn't mind having a backyard like this...

Or a beautiful den like this one...

Here's Jibby, who ran into the creek and started swimming

and reminds me very much of my not-so-little puppy at home:

On another note, is the last week of July really here already?!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Japanese BBQ at Gyu-Kaku

I had a really nice dinner a few weeks ago at Gyu-Kaku in the East Village. My friends and I used a Village Vines 30% off coupon to make the reservation for a Thursday night.

We started off with the tuna volcano, spicy tuna on rice cracker balls $7. There was a nice kick to the tuna, definitely not too spicy.

Kimchee Bibimbap $11. The server helped us split the rice into 3 portions. (This was 1 of the 3 portions). The kimchee wasn't spicy enough!

Kalbi Short Rib $9. All the meats seemed to be seasoned quite similarly, but they were all very tender.

Filet mignon $15.

Duck $10. SO tender and delicious.

Green tea mille crepes with vanilla ice cream $9. This was probably the most reasonable sized dish of the entire meal. Tasted fresh and had a strong green tea flavor.

We also ordered a mushroom medley ($6) to grill. It was bland and kind of forgettable; I didn't even bother taking a picture of it. I really liked the food but the portions were just a tad too small. All of us got hungry later in the night. I guess the plus side of having such small portions is that you can try more dishes and get that variety, but it's not cheap! I still want to try the happy hour here because it sounds like a great deal, Mon-Thurs 5:00-6:00pm, 9:30pm-closing, and Fri & Sat 3:00-6:00pm, several appetizers and meats are 50% off. Happy hour menu here. Without a discount though, I probably wouldn't eat here again. I will probably stick to Shabu-Tatsu instead.

34 Cooper Square
New York, NY 10003
Phone number: (212)475-2989


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Gyu-Kaku on Urbanspoon

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